The Rainlight

It’s hard to be productive when you can’t see at night. Children cannot study properly by reading using a candle or a dangerous kerosene lamp. People can’t see to walk outside safely. Buying batteries for a flashlight is not an option for poor or displaced populations.

The Rainlight is a lightweight, inflatable solar LED light that is waterproof and rechargeable. Providing bright, clean light in a room or while walking, it lasts for up to eight hours. The Rainlight has three settings: normal, bright and a flashing light for emergencies.

Because it can be flat-packed, it’s easy and affordable to transport the Rainlight to the communities that need it most.


The Rainlight is …


A light

A solar LED light, with three settings: normal, bright, and a flashing light for emergencies

Energy independent

A solar panel charges the light, giving around eight hours of light, depending on which setting it’s used.


Made of soft plastic, the Rainlight will not break if dropped.


The Rainlight is waterproof, and will still work in the rain.

Simple to use

With only one button, to turn it on and off, the Rainlight is easy to use, and simple to inflate.

Easy to transport

Because it’s inflatable, the Rainlight can be flatpacked so it’s light and easy to transport.



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