Prime Radio

Radio remains the most widely-used and cost-effective medium for information, particularly in Africa. Radio transcends literacy, poverty and geography, and can play a powerful role in education and social change.

Our Prime radio is a power independent, multi-band radio designed and developed to provide 24/7 listening access to groups – anytime, anywhere. It’s been robustly engineering for large group listening, and has been used successfully as a tool in many education, health and agricultural projects. With its powerful speaker, it’s perfect for use in classrooms, women’s listening groups and farming co-operatives.

The Prime is powered by solar, hand crank or mains electricity.

The Prime is …

A radio

With its FM, AM and three SW bands, reception is assured, even in the most remote environments. A five metre SW antenna extension cable is also included to improve shortwave reception where it’s needed.

Energy independent

The Prime comes with a suite of power options: solar, a hand crank, and external DC input for charging from a wall socket or car battery.  The solar panel includes high temperature rechargeable batteries that add extra storage capacity.

Rugged and tough

The Prime has been designed to be used in hot and dusty conditions, with a tough exterior.

Simple to use

With its LCD screen, simple tuning buttons and one on-off/volume knob, the Prime has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

Easy to maintain

With its modular design, components are replaceable, and repairs can be made without significant tools or expertise.

Designed for groups

A large internal speaker and amplification ensures that radio broadcasts are heard clearly, even in classrooms with up to 60 pupils. For larger groups, a second speaker can be attached to the Prime.


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