Polaris Plus radio/light and MP3 player

When disasters strike, people need food, water, shelter and medical care. They also need information, and to be able to make contact with the outside world.

Like the Polaris, the Polaris Plus is an effective tool in an emergency. It is both a radio that will provide information on what to do and where to go for help, and a media player that holds pre-loaded content. By being able to play content through a microSD card, the Polaris Plus delivers targeted messages in languages people understand. Health messages and educational content can be easily created and loaded for distribution to displaced populations. Its other features include a flashlight and cell phone charger that will enable people to make a call or send an sms message.

The Polaris Plus is power independent, needing only the sun or winding by hand to power itself.


The Polaris Plus is …

An MP3 player

The Polaris Plus can play a limited amount of pre-loaded audio content. This allows listeners to play, pause, fast forward, rewind and replay as needed.   Material can be downloaded via a microSD card from a mobile phone or computer and then inserted into the Polaris Plus.

A radio

The Polaris Plus is an AM/FM radio.

Energy independent

A solar panel charges and plays the Polaris Plus in sunlight, and a hand crank means that you’re never let down as high quality rechargeable batteries store the energy

Reliable and dependable

Apart from its solar panel and hand crank, the Polaris Plus can also be powered through a USB cable.

Rugged and tough

With its rubberized outside, recessed control knobs and superior material and design, the Polaris Plus is impact resistant, water resistant and robust.

Also a flashlight

The integrated LED flashlight means people can walk and see in the dark.

And a cell phone charger

The cell phone charging capability gives people the ability to contact loved ones in an emergency via a text message or short call.

Customised for you

The Polaris Plus comes in eight colours, and can be customised with your company logo.


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