Our Capabilities

Lifeline’s expertise lies far beyond the products that we offer. With nearly 20 years’ field experience, coupled with logistics and distribution support and product training, we provide unequalled support to the humanitarian sector. We have a deep understanding of the challenges of information access and of energy poverty, and the complexity that this brings to both relief and development efforts.

Logistics Support

Our logistics team secures competitive pricing for both sea and air freight.  Lifeline Energy’s impressive logistics track record of delivering products, even to the most difficult locations, is as a result of long-term relationships with reliable suppliers.

Distribution Planning

Unlike others who just sell products to the aid market, Lifeline will help you develop a distribution plan that includes:

  • Planning and implementing deliveries and distribution in collaboration with local partners
  • Assessing, determining and implementing distribution criteria for radio or media player ‘guardians’
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of your initiative

We do not support “just giving away” products. Spending time creating an effective training and distribution plan will help to ensure that your investment and our products are used to their maximum benefit. Lifeline will help you do this – and at no additional cost.


Training is an integral part of what we do, and includes:

  • Training on the use, care, and maintenance of radios and media players
  • Training local users on the creation and running of listening groups
  • Facilitation skills, where applicable

Monitoring and Evaluation

We are able to undertake monitoring and evaluation to assess the impact of communication initiatives.

Field Testing

Having worked extensively in areas with little or no electricity, we undertake relevant field testing trials for clean energy products aimed at urban and rural consumers.

“Our engagement with Lifeline has been very positive. They delivered a professional service, from our first contact through to costing, ordering, delivery and post-delivery service. We have received strong endorsements from visually impaired students and, especially, girls who consider the Lifeplayer a lifeline to learning.”

Ronnie Micallef

Former English Language Advisor, British Council