Gemini radio/light and MP3 player

Designed for emergencies and for development, the Gemini is a dual-band solar and wind-up radio, MP3 player and mobile phone charger. By playing content through a microSD card, the Gemini delivers targeted messages in languages people understand. Ideal for small group or family listening, the Gemini is rugged, has two LED lights and a rubberized option. This thoughtfully designed product has the following features:

  • Solar and wind-up power
  • Mains charging via USB cable
  • FM and AM bands
  • An integrated LED flashlight
  • Additional task light in handle
  • Excellent sound for small listening groups
  • User accessible MicroSD card slot
  • An emergency mobile phone charger for top-up calls or SMS
  • Lithium-ion battery for extended storage life without degradation
  • Integrated carry handle
  • A compact design for efficient shipping and rapid deployment into disaster areas
  • Rubberized option for use in wet climates
  • Can be customized with stickers
  • Box packaging can be customised (minimum order required)

The Gemini is made available to the humanitarian sector and is not sold commercially.